Practical informations

- Visa : you need to get it from the Mozambique's Embassy located in your country. If no Mozambique's Embassy in your country (and only in this case) visa can be supplied at the airport.

- Money : Mozambique's currency is the "metical" (plural - "meticais") but the dollar, the euro and the South African rand are widely accepted as well. There are 3 banks (Barclays, BCI and BIM) & 3 ATM's with certified Visa and Mastercards.

- Health : There are a hospital and a chemist's but it is strongly advised to bring a first aid kit with your own medicines, preventive treatment against Malaria, a very good mosquito reppellent, and efficient sunscreen and after sun lotions!

- Restaurants : Apart from our "Jule's restaurant", Vilanculos offers some other good adresses. Amongst them : Pescador, Casa Rex, Casbah, Kuvuka which propose international as well as local cooking (calamari, lobsters, gambas, etc...)

- Nightlife: For those who fancy listening to strong music in a wild atmosphere or gatherings to watch a sport competition on tv while sharing a good drink..... Beach Bums is the place to be! Later in the night, you can dance on bewitching rythms at the Afro Bar until early in the morning...